Postgraduate Studies

A postgraduate program could be very intensive as you have to write multiple essays, assignments and coursework, and spend most of the time searching among the huge bibliography and the planning of your work. At, we understand the pressure students are under to achieve all these and we can help you to get your work done on time.

In addition, our company offers translations of Italian, French, German, English, etc. academic papers which students always need to read or consult as they are writing a master or a PhD thesis.
Especially we offer:
• Postgraduate essays, assignments and coursework in all disciplines.
• Mid-term coursework (Progress essays).
• Statistical analysis using S.P.S.S program and other software.
• General Literature review.
• Book, article or journal reviews.
• PowerPoint Presentations.
• Editing.
• Printing-Bookbinding
• Typing.
• Proofreading of Greek and English of undergraduate and postgraduate essays and assignments and PhD thesis.
• Formatting.
• Rewriting, copyediting, reorganization of essays, assignments, thesis and dissertations.